The pieces are..

Anders Wallin Anna Endahl Bella Kajtazi Björn Hellberg Elli Maanpaa Fredrik Andersson Frida Lundin Helena Brus Linnea Töyrylä Malin Jansson Pelle Tägström Stefan Nilsson Toumas Peurakoski

Thanks again!


Wait a minute! What's all about??

It was the worlds first internet collaborated album recording for the song "Extralives". During a couple of days in the end of February 2011, anyone was invited to send in their piece when singing along in the chorus of the song. You can listen to the result below.

Extralives (feat.

Click here if you want to see original the campaign site (though not active).

Twitter: @drylightBand / #thepieces

photo by Helena Brus

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